The Journal of American Folklore (Vol. 131,2018)

The Journal of American Folklore (Vol. 131,2018)

The Journal of American Folklore

Vol. 131, No. 519, Winter 2018

Table of Contents

Front Matter
From the Calendas to the Calenda: On the Afro-Iberian Substratum in Black Performance Culture in the Americas (pp. 3-29)
Jeroen Dewulf
Hope for Ukraine, Fall of America, and Putin the Savior: The Supernatural in Ukrainian and Russian Media and Vernacular Contexts (pp. 30-52)
Mariya Lesiv
Emergent Chinese Diasporic Identity and Culture: Chinese Grave Markers and Mortuary Rituals in Newfoundland (pp. 53-90)
Mu Li

Richard Mercer Dorson (1916–1981): A Memorate (pp. 91-97)
Nikolai Burlakoff (Quang An)

Alan Jabbour (1942–2017) (pp. 98-100)
Carl Fleischhauer

Book Reviews
The Supernatural Revamped: From Timeworn Legends to Twenty-First-Century Chic by Barbara Brodman and James E. Doan (pp. 101-103)
Review by: Jeffrey A. Tolbert
Humble Theory: Folklore's Grasp on Social Life by Dorothy Noyes (pp. 103-105)
Review by: Lee Haring
Elf Queens and Holy Friars: Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church by Richard Firth Green (pp. 106-107)
Review by: Amelia A. Rutledge
Players and Pawns: How Chess Builds Community and Culture by Gary Alan Fine (pp. 107-109)
Review by: Nicholas J. Mizer

The Resonance of Unseen Things: Poetics, Power, Captivity, and UFOs in the American Uncanny by Susan Lepselter (pp. 109-111)
Review by: Glynn Custred
The Legacy of Dell Hymes: Ethnopoetics, Narrative Inequality, and Voice by Paul V. Kroskrity and Anthony K. Webster (pp. 111-114)
Review by: John H. McDowell

Sound Reviews
Chornobyl Songs Project: Living Culture from a Lost World by Maria Sonevytsky (pp. 115-116)
Review by: Matthew Musacchia
No More Good Time in the World for Me by Bruce Jackson, Nathan Salsburg and Steven Lance Ledbetter (pp. 116-118)
Review by: Willi Carlisle Goehring

Exhibit Reviews
Beading Culture: Raised Beadwork and the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin by Jody Clowes, Anne Pryor (pp. 119-121)
Review by: Beverly Gordon
Kentucky by Design: The Decorative Arts and American Culture (pp. 121-122)
Review by: Karen M. Duffy

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Back Matter

The Journal of American Folklore

Vol. 131, No. 520, Spring 2018

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Intangible Heritage as a Festival; or, Folklorization Revisited (pp. 127-149)
Valdimar Tr. Hafstein
“I've Got My Haunts”: Jam Communities, Individual Repertoires, and the Folk Process in Michigan (pp. 150-180)
Steve Rohs
Vernacular Dialectics: Spiritual Practices of Tsaddik Veneration by Secular Israelis (pp. 181-208)
Liora Sarfati

Isidore Okpewho (1941–2016) (pp. 209-218)
Dan Ben-Amos
Carol B. Spellman (1951–2017) (pp. 210-212)
Anne Pryor
Roger D. Abrahams (1933–2017) (pp. 212-218)
Dorothy Noyes

Book Reviews
Improvised Adolescence: Somali Bantu Teenage Refugees in America by Sandra Grady (pp. 219-242)
Review by: Amy E. Skillman
Folk Art and Aging: Life-Story Objects and Their Makers by Jon Kay (pp. 222-223)
Review by: Kathleen Mundell
My Music, My War: The Listening Habits of U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by Lisa Gilman (pp. 223-225)
Review by: Richard Allen Burns
Lost Sound: The Forgotten Art of Radio Storytelling by Jeff Porter (pp. 225-228)
Review by: Rachel Hopkin
Women in the Shadows: Gender, Puppets, and the Power of Tradition in Bali by Jennifer Goodlander (pp. 228-230)
Review by: Ward Keeler
Packy Jim: Folklore and Worldview on the Irish Border by Ray Cashman (pp. 230-233)
Review by: Patricia Sawin
Echoes of Valhalla: The Afterlife of the Eddas and Sagas by Jón Karl Helgason, Jane Victoria Appleton (pp. 234-236)
Review by: Amelia A. Rutledge
The Poetry of Everyday Life: Storytelling and the Art of Awareness by Steve Zeitlin (pp. 236-237)
Review by: Frank de Caro
Daisy Turner's Kin: An African American Family Saga by Jane C. Beck (pp. 237-241)
Review by: Marilyn M. White
Peggy Seeger: A Life of Music, Love, and Politics by Jean R. Freedman (pp. 241-242)
Review by: Elizabeth Ozment

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The Journal of American Folklore

Vol. 131, No. 521, Summer 2018

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Letter from the Editors (pp. 247-249)
Ann K. Ferrell and Michael Ann Williams
“I Am the Greatest Boxer”: Articulating Group Identity through Chinese Folk Drama (pp. 250-271)
Zhang Guodong and Thomas A. Green

A Conversation with Timothy Lloyd (pp. 272-300)
Timothy Lloyd and Michael Ann Williams
Fifty Years in Folklore (pp. 301-317)
Robert T. Teske
Dwight Diller's Documentation of the West Virginia Hammons Family (pp. 318-340)
Lewis M. Stern

William E. Lightfoot (1940–2016) (pp. 341-342)
Thomas A. McGowan
William Hawthorne Wiggins, Jr. (1934–2016) (pp. 343-344)
Phyllis M. May-Machunda
Venetia Newall (1935–2017) (pp. 344-346)
Elizabeth Tucker

Book Reviews
Folklore: The Basics by Simon J. Bronner (pp. 347-349)
Review by: Jay Mechling
Irish Travellers: The Unsettled Life by Sharon Bohn Gmelch, George Gmelch (pp. 349-350)
Review by: Caroline Hundley Miller
¡Corrido!: The Living Ballad of Mexico's Western Coast by John Holmes McDowell (pp. 350-352)
Review by: Chris Goertzen

Review Essay
Recent Music Scholarship (pp. 353-357)
Review by: Lee Bidgood

Sound Review
Craig Johnson: Deep Woods & Hollows (pp. 358-359)
Review by: Rachel Reynolds

Film Reviews
Kivalina: Life in the Modern Arctic by Gina Abatemarco (pp. 360-361)
Review by: Charlie McNabb
Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience by Audrey Geyer (pp. 362-363)
Review by: Constance Bailey

Exhibit Review
Ragnarök: Anthropocene (pp. 364-366)
Review by: Suzanne P. MacAulay

Information about Contributors (pp. 367-368)
Back Matter

The Journal of American Folklore

Vol. 131, No. 522, Fall 2018

Table of Contents

Front Matter
Introduction to the Special Issue on Fake News: Definitions and Approaches (pp. 371-378)
Tom Mould

Fake News vs. “Foke” News: A Brief, Personal, Recent History (pp. 379-387)
Russell Frank
Rumors of Our Deaths: Fake News, Folk News, and Far Away Moses (pp. 388-397)
Stephen D. Winick
“Fake News” in the Contemporary Legend Dynamic (pp. 398-404)
Bill Ellis
Alternative Health Websites and Fake News: Taking a Stab at Definition, Genre, and Belief (pp. 405-412)
Andrea Kitta
A Doubt-Centered Approach to Contemporary Legend and Fake News (pp. 413-420)
Tom Mould
Respecting the Smears: Anti-Obama Folklore Anticipates Fake News (pp. 421-425)
Patricia A. Turner
Blaming the Polish Plumber, Blaming the French Voter: Bogeys and Attributions of Belief in Liberal Politics (pp. 426-434)
Dorothy Noyes
Veyshnoria: A Fake Country in the Midst of Real Information Warfare (pp. 435-443)
Anastasiya Astapova and Vasil Navumau
Believe Me, I'm Joking: The Dialectics of the Legend and the Dialectics of Humor (pp. 444-450)
Moira Marsh
Pretend News, False News, Fake News: The Onion as Put-On, Prank, and Legend (pp. 451-459)
Ian Brodie
The Bowling Green Massacre (pp. 460-470)
Timothy H. Evans
Never Remember: Fake News Turning Points and Vernacular Critiques of Bad Faith Communication (pp. 471-481)
Diane E. Goldstein
#CRISPRfacts, Gene Editing, and Joking in the Twittersphere (pp. 482-492)
Leah Lowthorp
“My friend posted it and that's good enough for me!”: Source Perception in Online Information Sharing (pp. 493-499)
Lynne S. McNeill
“Fake Vets” and Viral Lies: Personal Narrative in a Post-Truth Era (pp. 500-508)
Kristiana Willsey

Information about Contributors (pp. 509-511)
Back Matter



秋季卷关注“假新闻”,所用的方法是传说学的,其中又创造了“folk news”等新名词,这又一次证明了美国同行创造术语的能力实在很强!