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标题: 美国民俗学会执行理事长蒋岚致贺信祝贺大会圆满成功 [打印本页]

作者: cfngroup    时间: 2018-12-3 18:36     标题: 美国民俗学会执行理事长蒋岚致贺信祝贺大会圆满成功


November 24, 2018

Dr. Chao Gejin
President, China Folklore Society

Dear President Chao Gejin and Members of the China Folklore Society:

I am writing to convey the greetings of the American Folklore Society—including myself and its President, Dr. Dorothy Noyes of The Ohio State University, and members of our Executive Board—to you and to all who will be attending your conference.

The American Folklore Society, founded in 1888, is the US-based learned society for the field of folklore studies. Since 2007, AFS has collaborated with the China Folklore Society on several activities designed to build better and more active networks between folklorists and folklore-studies institutions in our two countries.  We have enjoyed a strong relationship with President Chao and with many institutions in China who we have been pleased to work with or to invite to our meetings in the US.  

As the previous Director of AFS, Dr. Timothy Lloyd, has recently retired and I am transitioning in as the new director, I especially want to convey my enthusiasm and support for the work of our folklore colleagues in China.  I am quite familiar with China and the work of folklorists in your great nation because my own dissertation research was in China (in Guangxi), and I am eager to build upon relationships with many of you that developed during that time.  

Best wishes during your day of plenaries and elections. I cannot join you for today’s meetings, but I will arrive this evening and will be attending the remainder of the meeting, so please say hello.  

The American Folklore Society congratulates you and your colleagues on the conception and production of this important event, and we look forward to hearing about the conference’s proceedings, discussions, and outcomes. AFS is grateful to Professor Chao Gejin for his exemplary service and advocacy to your field and internationally, and we at the American Folklore Society look forward to continuing this very productive partnership in the future.

Thank you for the opportunity to make these welcoming comments.

Dr. Jessica Anderson Turner   蒋岚 教授
Executive Director  执行理事长
American Folklore Society   美国民俗学会
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  Dr.Jessica Anderson Turner


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